Public Address System


This system is used in offices, hotels, high-end condominiums, stations, supermarkets, offices, amusement parks … for the purpose of: background music feels formal, relaxed, pleasant, texting – Notification for each region in the event of an emergency.


Signals transmitted from the center via the network cable to each or all of the speakers in the apartment.
All the speakers in a play area parallel and is defined as a region and subsequently to the center.
Center for use of the pick up sound of the speakers for convenient notification to each required area. Also the sound amplifier is capable of connecting with peripherals such as Microphone, DVD, Radio tuner or tape recorder.


PA System (puplic Address) meet the notification requirements between parts of the area of the building together with the following characteristics: – The area is divided into different groups to address separately. From any location of buildings we use call stations can also call each zone (zone) has been previously established or notify the entire region (All zones) when necessary.
– In normal conditions, the system will play music for entertainment in the area or to request notification for the required location of the building. When a fire alarm signal to the system (and the connection has been set before), the system sends out emergency messages have been previously saved in all areas of the building or an area ku default to be previously installed. When security personnel or firefighters announced an urgent message (Emergency notification system microphones attached to the front controller) immediately announced that priority would be the highest priority. In the event of a fire, the system will be used to inform priorities for evacuation instructions, comply with IEC 60 849 standards.

The system includes:

1. Control Center (Controller): Connect the speakers to 6 messages, which can be expanded up to 60 speakers and the information storage 255 messages per message news release time is 60 seconds, with 240W power amplifiers , for the table called input, input for handheld microphone, speaker output of 100V and connect up to 8 call stations.
2. Regional expansion (Router): used for 6 additional speakers to inform the controller and can connect with the click from 12 different systems: such as fire alarm, clock …
3. The increased capacity (Booster Amplifier): used for additional power (480/240/120W) system.
4. The charger and storage resources (Power Backup): backup time is 30 minutes while the power is used.
5. DVD: used for playing music entertainment for the building, read DVDs, VCD, CD, MP3 and playing AM, FM.
6. Ban called the (Call Station): high-sensitivity micro with a bent neck, mount to the table, with the select button, the call stations are connected together in a loop by CAT5 UTP cable installed in guard room, reception desk, waiting room and control room, used to perform a private message to areas of the system.
7. Microphone (Emergency microphone): use for emergency messages when there is a fire or other emergency information to areas of the system.
8. 6W Ceiling Speaker (Speaker): Mounted along the corridor, and office areas, corridors of buildings nha.Dung background music and announcement to the area in the system.
9. 15W Speaker (Speaker): mounted in high noise areas such as buildings, public areas, parking …

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