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Are  you  looking for a high quality installation company  to take  care  all  kind  of mechanical  or electrical  jobs for your upcoming  project?

Well, we are the VIET THINHTIEN Mechanical Electrical Engineering and Trading Company Ltd, a 100% Vietnamese company.

VIET THINH TIEN Mechanical Electrical Engineering and Trading Co., Ltd was established  by a certificate  of business  registration No. 0310721298 by the Department of Planning and Investment ofHo Chi Minh City on 25/03/2011


VIET THINH TIEN Mechanical  Electrical Engineering and Trading  Co., Ltd  is one of the M&E contractors intensive activity in the field of electrical-mechanical works. We have a fully functional, capacity and  experience  design, supply and  construction package items Engineering:  Engineering,  Industrial  electricity  voltage  up  to 35 kV, the  system public lighting, sports lighting, airports, ports, ventilation systems and air conditioning, fire alarm, fire-fighting, lightning, frozen storage levels, environmental  lines industrial control, communication systems, control and building control,  building.  Our company  is the   professional    managerial,  technical  staff enthusiastic, dedicated professionals, dynamic and creative, and a team of skilled workers, ready to meet all your needs goods…

With the motto “Always trust with customers” as the guideline for our business activities, “Sustainable   Development  for  the  Everybody” is  the  slogan  for  the  operation   of  its business  with  the  target  of serving  customers  every day a better  one,  we believe VIET THINH  TIEN Mechanical  Electrical  Engineering  and  Trading  Co.,  Ltd will satisfy  our customers, constantly  evolving and reaching  new heights to reach, rebranding and its reputation in the marketplace.

We always look forward  to more opportunities to work more, work to listen and absorb the valuable opinions, enlist support,  trust and long-term  cooperation of all customers. Our success is to give you a perfect service!


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VTT M&E Co., Ltd strategy is to become the leading M&E contractor, expand and access the international market.


We commit to continue to bring to the Investor as well as our Customers the highest quality, safety as well as meeting project schedule. By our reliability and responsibility along with the application of modern technology and the optimal solutions about investment costs and operating costs, we will give our customers the satisfaction and make our contribution to the sustainable development of the community.

Core value


Quality is the most important core value of VTT M&E Co., Ltd. Be synchronization of long experience, deep knowledgement, application of modern technologies and strict supervision processes, VTT M&E Co., Ltd will invest and implement projects with the highest quality.

We are working with the high responsibility and reflected in the perfection of each project. Our responsibility focuses towards not only our customers, partners but also the end-users, shareholders and employees. Social responsibility is always considered to be an important factor and reflected through our contribution in high quality projects for a better life.

We always learn and apply creative solutions to bring the benefit to our customers. Solution on modern and efficiently working process is an important factor to enable VTT M&E Co., Ltd to undertake big projects. Working processes are always improved to optimize working efficiency and meet the quality purposes. We have been learning and improving to meet the requirements of projects. The advanced technology and equipment in the world has been being applied to projects. Especially, we always propose operation cost saving and environmentally protectiong solution for customers and the community to enjoy the best benefits.

We appreciate and respect our employees as members VTT M&E Co., Ltd family with a strong confidence. We believe that investment in human to be investment for sustainable and stable development. The value of projects is formed on human foundation and we are willing to assign responsibility for enthusiastic employees as well as enable opportunities to develop their potentiality and to determine the success of projects.

Our success is reflected in the satisfaction of all our customers, our responsibility towards the community and benefits for economic development of the country.

Why chose us

Dedicated Advice

Dedicated Advice


Professional Staff

Professional Staff

Với đội ngũ kỹ sư lành nghể, chúng tôi sẽ tư vấn cho quí khách hàng....

Service Diversity

Service Diversity


Prestige and Quality

Prestige and Quality

Uy tín và chất lượng

Sustainable Development for Everyone

Sustainable development is a new development, integrated manufacturing process with resource conservation and improving environmental quality. Sustainable development must meet the needs of present generations without prejudice to our ability to meet the needs of future generations. We found that the core issue of all activities of our company are directed to the development of a sustainable way of UN Resolution issued on 23-11-2011. And we do all for everybody.

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